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COOP-NET – Cooperation networks of Centers of Excellence from the Republic of Moldova 
(Project duration: 2021-2023)

Vocational training in order to increase opportunities for young people on the job market is a priority for the development of the Republic of Moldova. With international support, including the OeAD, in recent years was created the legal framework, which initiated reform processes in the vocational technical education sector. A key measure in the reform of the vocational training sector was the creation of Centers of Excellence in 2015. Eleven such Centers (formerly colleges and vocational schools) now assume a leading role in the field of specialization. Among other things, they exercise the function of coordinating and guiding the activity of vocational schools and district colleges, offering them methodological support and continuous professional training for human resources. Another function is that of cooperation with the business environment, planning and strategic guidance of the entrepreneurial activity of technical vocational education institutions in their field of specialization.

Implementing this vast portfolio is a major challenge for Centers of Excellence. The "COOP-NET - Cooperation Networks of the Centers of Excellence from the Republic of Moldova" project aims, in collaboration with the Pedagogical University of Styria, to strengthen the leadership role of the Centers of Excellence and to provide support in the implementation of the duties arising from this role, through developing an effective network of cooperation between Centers of Excellence and regional technical vocational education institutions. Finally, an active and efficient network of cooperation will strengthen the system of professional technical education in the Republic of Moldova as a whole.

Direct target groups:

  • 12 centers of excellence (3 people per institution)
  • 89 management teams from Technical Vocational Education Institutions (5 people per institution)

Indirect target groups:

  • Students of 89 Technical Vocational Education Institutions (45.998 people in the 2021-2022 school year)