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Success stories

More and more young people choose to become IT professionals. Some are motivated by a passion for new technologies, while others are motivated by the salary, which is at the top of the list compared to other jobs.

In addition to his basic job, Nicolae developed a personal business. Together with some friends, they launched Creditex, a project that collects requests from people who need a loan and offers them to microfinance companies.

He wants to turn his passion for IT into a profitable and useful business for people. He started with small steps, doing everything his instinct dictated. But now the time has come to deepen his knowledge in marketing and company management, that is why he is continuing his studies at the marketing faculty.


Godina Nicolae


Mașurceac Sergiu

Although Sergiu Mașurceac chose the IT field somewhat unexpectedly, in time, he understood that he was not wrong. Moreover, he does not even want to leave the country, because he is convinced that he can succeed at home.

He recently turned 19 and has his whole life ahead of him to fulfill all his creative dreams. He completed his studies at the Center for Excellence in Informatics and Information Technologies (CEITI), and is currently employed by an IT company in Moldova. He likes sports, walks and communicating with friends. He is passionate about motorcycles and even bought himself one.

Sergiu Mașurceac's success story is not related to age or vocational uncertainties, but only to a lot of work and determination!

"Only those who find themselves, who understand what they came for, what they can do, and those who are talented remain in the field," says Sergiu.

The passion for IT comes to everyone in a different way. For some, it comes with the love for gaming, robotics or electronics, others with the the opportunities that a career in this field offers. But Dan Eftodi's adventure in IT started when he was just a child.

He is 25 years old and comes from Rezina. When he decided to continue his studies in Chisinau, he didn't think twice! He chose the Center of Excellence in Informatics and Information Technologies, where he became even more convinced that he wanted to make a career in this field.

He blogs about all the projects he's working on, books he's reading, and other programming curiosities on his blog and social media.


Eftodi Dan


Russu Vadim

Results oriented software engineer with primary focus on quality. A team player who demonstrates commitment, learns quickly and actively participates in the team's success. Experienced with agile scrum, creating new projects and delivering software to production.

Software Engineer, CEO of Bear With Me S.R.L., Co-Founder in Qoobus Corporation and honorary member title holder of StartupYard (the largest startup accelerator in Europe).

The developed projects refer to the Business to Business segment, the largest being: B2BHint.com (The largest database of companies worldwide), Qoobus.com (The revolutionary platform in the transport and logistics industry of the 21st century).


Stepanov Maxim