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The Student Council



President of the Student Council

  [email protected]      022 523-001    consiliul.elevilor_ceiti

What is the Student Council?

The Student Council is a representative structure of students at the institutional level involved in identifying and solving problems that concern them, in partnership with the management team, teaching staff and parents, for the benefit of students and the community.

Purpose of the council

The purpose of the council is to act as a representative body of the students in important matters, in close connection with the management team, teachers and parents.

The objectives of the Student Council

  • To offer students an organized, representative and institutionalized way of communication between students, the management team and the governing body;
  • To contribute to the organization of didactic and extra-curricular activities, based on the needs and interests of young people;
  • To improve understanding and cooperation between students, teaching staff, the management team and the governing body;
  • To present a survey of the state of mind of the institutional environment for the management team and the governing body;
  • To facilitate changes in the environment of the educational institution and in relations with the community.

Functions of the Student Council

  • Presentation of the opinions of the students of the management team
  • Participation in the evaluation of the institution
  • Contributing to policy development
  • Supporting educational development and progress
  • Promoting good communication within the educational institution
  • Assistance for students' adaptation to the transition to another level of schooling
  • Assistance in carrying out cultural and sports activities in the institution
  • Organizing fundraising events
  • Ensuring the Student Council connections with other organizations

Members of the Student Council

  • Todorov Delia, SC President
  • Carolina Rusu-Discultu, SC Vice-President
  • Staver Cristina, SC Secretary
  • Păduraru Maria, Department of External Relations and Partnership
  • Morari Victoria, Department of Mass Media and Library
  • Grosu Andreea, Department of Culture and Entertainment
  • Arvat Dumitrița, Department of Architecture and Design